Our Support

Maintaining your site and addressing issues while site is live? Let’s Administrate. We create a well balanced environment optimal for client interaction and for the delivery of quality software products.


Website administrators/Web Masters or site administrators are backbone in website maintenance whether it is to update the site, Monitoring traffic, taking backups and look for potential fixes or it is to make development changes, fine tune site performance and to suggest changes.

Complex environments with many vendors and multi platforms are often costly and difficult to support, to get a flavor of cross platform advance features, now-a-days companies often get themselves systems which are efficient yet support costly. Many companies make the mistake of spending as much on IT maintenance and support as on the original system. So to get a trusted resource which can work closely with the company in maintenance and support is a thing one can scarcely find.

How we can Deliver?

Now-a-days your company need a competitive edge to compete so many competitors in the market. Technology that enhances your customer’s experience, enhance staff efficiency, can help business to grow and to reduce short term and long term losses. We can provide you with that edge by providing you with timely support.

Pascaline Soft helps you run the business while requirements are changing or business demands are evolving. We save you the extra cost that you can spend on some other plans being held in the pipeline by defining the efficient and cost-efficient support mechanisms. We Provide you support in business application, databases centered systems, data warehousing, single and multi platform systems and last but not the least cross platform systems.